Customer Services, Sport & Leisure Cabinet Member – Minutes – 19 February 2015

37        (5)  FOOTGOLF –  The Director of Places submitted a report which outlined a proposal to develop a ‘Footgolf’ course at Kingsway Golf Course.

It was explained that footgolf was growing in popularity and there were currently over 50 courses in the United Kingdom. The game was a cross between football and golf where the ‘footgolfer’ attempted to kick a ball around a course in the fewest possible kicks.

Representatives from the ‘Footgolf’ governing body had visited Kingsway and considered it would be an ideal location for a ‘Footgolf’ course.

It was proposed that a nine hole ‘Footgolf’ course be built using three of the existing golf holes. This would require the creation of 9 tee boxes and nine greens. The golf course would then become a nine hole facility utilising the remainder of the Kingsway site.

It was anticipated that ‘Footgolf’ would bring new customers to Kingsway and provide increased opportunities for the Golf Professional to market the golf course.

Appendix 1 to the report provided a map of the proposed Kingsway site layout.

Resolved – (a) That people be asked what they think about introducing ‘Footgolf’ at Kingsway Golf Course, and (b) that the findings of the public’s view on the proposal be reported and the Customer Services, Sport & Leisure Cabinet Member be asked to make a decision on the introduction of ‘Footgolf’ at Kingsway Golf Course.

38        (6) FOXHILLS SPORTS GROUND – The Director of Places submitted a report which sought consideration of a request from Crosby United Junior Football club to lease Foxhills Sports Ground.

Crosby United Junior Football Club had a licence for the use of part of Foxhills Sports Ground and were responsible for the area marked on the plan appended to the report.  The club had held a licence since April 2012 and was for a three year period.

The club had worked extremely hard since taking over the management of the designated site and had significantly increased the number of young people playing football, improved the existing facilities, developed new facilities and provided other football clubs with opportunities to train and play.

The cabinet member was advised that a long term lease would enable the club to apply for funding which was currently beyond their reach.

Resolved – (a) That it be noted that a copy of the report had been sent to the Crosby and Park Ward Members to allow them an opportunity to comment on the proposal. Comments were received asking that public access be retained and that erecting fencing now or in the future be avoided; (b) that a lease which reflected the existing arrangements be offered; (c) that the football club would continue to manage the existing footprint and the site remain open to the public, and (d) that the request from Crosby United Junior Football Club for a long term lease for part of Foxhills Sports Ground be supported.