Highways & Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 10 October 2014 (Urgt)

134            (12) ENVIRONMENTAL PERMIT APPLICATION, TW LOGISTCS LTD – The Director of Places submitted an urgent report considering objections received to the environmental permit application submitted by TW Logistics Ltd, Ferry Road West, Scunthorpe.

The matter was urgent due to fact that the deadline for determining the application was imminent.

The council had consulted local residents and statutory consultees on the environmental permit application submitted by TW Logistics Ltd (TWL).

The company had applied to the council to load, unload and store coal and coal products within warehouses at their site on Ferry Road West, Scunthorpe. The company had not requested approval for any processing or outdoor storage of coal.

The site is in close proximity to residential properties and has a history of dust complaints relating to the site.

Companies were required to apply for an environmental permit if they intended to carry out an activity that was prescribed by law.  The intention was that environmental permits set out proactive controls that minimise dust, odour or other pollution and prevent visible emissions of dust beyond the site boundary.

Environmental permits did not consider noise, highway or broader planning issues.  The purpose was to control emissions to air only.  Environmental permits required process operators to implement proactive controls to control dusty emissions to air.

Statutory guidance issued by Defra was contained within Process Guidance Notes.  The guidance set out what dust controls the company must employ if it wanted to hold and operate under an environmental permit.  The Guidance Note set out the Best Available Techniques (BAT) for the process.

Any environmental permit granted must reflect the requirements of the statutory guidance document. If an applicant was unable to operate in accordance with the BAT requirements contained in the permit, the application must be refused. An environmental permit could also be refused where the applicant would not be the operator of the site.

Resolved – That the application for an environmental permit by TW Logistics Ltd be refused.