Adults, Children’s Services and Health & Strategic Projects Cabinet Members – Minutes – 25 August 2015

The North Lincolnshire strategy was approved in July 2014 and set out the council’s vision, priorities and aims to change outcomes for all people living and working in the area.

As part of the council’s strategic planning framework an annual directorate plan was produced to provide an overview of each directorate, detailing the contribution to support delivery of the council’s strategic aims. It was a ‘rolling’ one year plan that helped to make the Council Strategy operational, allowing teams and individuals to focus on their work improving outcomes for all people living and working in North Lincolnshire.

The plans also include the key performance indicators for the directorate that supported the delivery of the Council Strategy.

Details were outlined within the report and associated appendices.

Resolved – That the Directorate Plan 2015/16 and the proposed key performance indicators, targets and tolerances for 2015/16 be approved for reporting progress against the Council Strategy.