Customer Services, Sport & Leisure Cabinet Member – Minutes – 28 July 2015

3   (3)  SPORTS FACILITIES – HEALTH AND FITNESS, SWIMLINCS AND EMPLOYEE MEMBERSHIP SCHEMES – The Director of Places submitted a report considering proposals for changes to the various Sports Facilities related membership schemes. 

The council had offered a monthly health and fitness and swim payment option since 2007.  There were now 4,670 members signed up for the schemes.  Scheme members who paid by direct debit paid a price for life.

Records showed that the average length of membership was eight months.  This coincided with the minimum term of the committed membership package.

Many gym providers now offered a ‘no joining fee and no contract’ package.  This made the offer more attractive because customers were not tied in to a contract and could cancel at any time.  Smaller, rural council sites had been more successful in selling shorter term, more limited packages.

Full proposals for changes to the various schemes were set out in detail in the report and accompanying appendices.

Resolved – That the changes proposed to the various Sports Facilities related membership schemes, as set out in the report and accompanying appendices, be approved.

4  (4) SPORTS FACILITIES FEES AND CHARGES – 2015/16 – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval for implementation of fees and charges for the council’s sports facilities for 2015/16.

It had been agreed that fees and charges for sports facilities were not increased for 2014/15 and other previous years.  The fees and charges proposed in the report would take effect on 1 August 2015.

A recent audit of golf income recommended the following action: “When the annual fees and charges report was due to be revised it would be updated to include that managers had to discretion to waive joining fees and offer promotions and discounts throughout the year.”  The audit also recommended that approval was sought for the 50% discount the council offered to County Card holders.  The council was required to affiliate Normanby Hall Golf Course to the Lincolnshire Union of Golf Clubs.  All members of affiliated clubs were entitled to a county card.  Each affiliated club was expected to offer card holders the discount.

Resolved – (a) That the fees and charges for Sports Facilities venues, as set out in the report and accompanying appendix, be approved for implementation on 1 August 2015; (b) that managers be given greater discretion make changes in line with the council’s flexibility to enhance offers to customers, and (c) that a protocol for managing this area of work be agreed with Corporate Finance and submitted to the Cabinet Member for approval at the earliest possible opportunity.