Neighbourhoods Cabinet Member – Minutes – 9 March 2016

35 (35) CAR PARKING IN BARTON UPON HUMBER – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking views on future of public car parking in Barton upon Humber.

There were four public car parks located in the Barton upon Humber, all of which were non fee paying. Two of the car parks currently had an advisory two hour time limit, which was not enforceable. One of these car parks was located adjacent to the Heron Food store, and was heavily used by their customers.

Unlike all other public car parks (pay and display and non fee paying), the car parks were not included in the off street car parking legal order. Inclusion in the order allowed the council to enforce blue badge abuse, inconsiderate parking etc.

Complaints had been received in the past with regard to vehicles parking all day in the car parks, thereby restricting their use by visitors/shoppers to the town.

Changes to on street parking restrictions in the town had recently been made to encourage visitors to stay for longer.  The time restriction on all the limited waiting bays had been increased from one hour to two hours. The council had received complaints from Heron Food store with regard to problems with long term parkers, and more recently they had indicated that they would like to take over enforcement of the car park themselves.

Resolved – That the status quo be maintained to allow time for the feasibility of providing additional car parking spaces in the vicinity to be investigated.