Business, Innovation, Employment & Skills Cabinet Member – Minutes – 18 November 2016

14 (14) REVIEW OF THE HOME ASSISTANCE POLICY – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval of the Home Assistance Policy 2016-2019.

The Home Assistance Policy helped support the disabled and vulnerable to remain safe and independent at home through appropriate assistance to fund minor repairs, energy efficiency improvements or adaptations. The current policy was approved in 2014 and was no longer fit for purpose.

The mandatory funding for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) from 2015 became part of the Better Care Fund (BCF). The BCF specifically looked at ensuring a more joined up service provision for the frail and frail elderly across health and social care.

People remained healthier and lived longer if they stayed in their home environment. The DFG was essential for those unable to help themselves to change their home environment so they could lead lives that were more independent, including receiving care at home. It also provided better value for money compared to providing care away from the home.

The policy also covered other forms of help and assistance, such as energy efficiency improvements and urgent repairs required to keep the home healthy and safe.

The report gave further details of the policy, including its key principles.

Resolved – That the Home Assistance Policy 2016-2019 be approved.

15 (15) PARK HOMES – MODEL CONDITIONS 2008 – The Director of Places submitted a report seeking approval to review and update the license conditions attached to the seven Park Home sites in North Lincolnshire in line with the 2008 Model Standards.

Park Homes were residential mobile homes with planning permission for use all year round. In North Lincolnshire, there were seven sites with over five hundred and seventy pitches in total.

In 2008, new model standards for Park Homes were issued. These were the standards used to create the license conditions and were considered to be the standards expected as a matter of good practice on sites. They were important in ensuring the health and safety of the residents, the maintenance of the site and its sustainability.

In October 2008, the former Cabinet Member for Housing and Strategic Planning approved the adoption of the 2008 standards for all new park home sites and those under re-development along with a consultation exercise to determine whether to apply them to existing sites. The results of the consultation in 2009 favoured the retention of the current conditions for all existing sites.

Nearly ten years after the introduction of the new standards, approval was sought to review the existing license conditions for the seven sites in North Lincolnshire.

National guidance around changing license conditions recommended that where existing conditions were adequate, they should be retained. Where changes were made, these should be justifiable.

Resolved – That the review of the license conditions applied to the Park Home sites in North Lincolnshire, and the upgrading of conditions where appropriate and justifiable to meet the 2008 model standards, be approved.