Investment, Assets & Employment and Safer, Greener & Cleaner Places Cabinet Members – Minutes – 16 January 2018 (Jnt)

3 (3) SUSTAINABLE DRAINAGE SYSTEMS (SuDS) AND FLOOD RISK – The Director: Operations submitted a report updating the Cabinet Members on recent issues faced regarding adoption, maintenance and implementation of SuDS and seeking approval to publish and implement a new ‘SuDS and Flood Risk Guidance Document’ for developers, and for the council to actively adopt and maintain SuDS features.

The council acting as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) was a statutory consultee in planning for major developments (10 dwellings or more; or equivalent non-residential or mixed development) with regard to localised flooding. This was flooding from surface water, ground water and ordinary watercourses. This allowed the council to ensure that SuDS for the management of surface water run-off were put in place, unless it was demonstrated that SuDS were inappropriate.

The LLFA were not subject to a statutory duty to adopt or maintain SuDS features. However, the council, as LLFA, did have a duty to encourage them in new major developments if deemed ‘appropriate’. The onus was on developers to use private management companies to maintain SuDS features in the future. Some developers were reluctant to do this due to the levy imposed on new house owners and preferred to see SuDS features adopted and maintained by a local body.

To assist developers, the council had developed a local guidance document based on national guidance highlighting information on SuDS features, options for adoption and maintenance, and the requirements of SuDS and Flood Risk in North Lincolnshire. This would be referenced in the NLC Estate Road Design Guide that was currently being updated. The local guidance document would be periodically updated as required to reflect any changes in national guidance on these matters.

Resolved – (a) That the publication of the SuDS and Flood Risk Guidance Document be approved, and (b) that the council actively adopts and maintains SuDS features based upon receiving commuted sums from developers.

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