Safer, Greener & Cleaner Places Cabinet Member – Minutes – 10 May 2018

28 (28) PROHIBITION OF VERGES PARKING – SCAWBY AND STURTON – The Director: Operations submitted a report considering objections received to the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) in Scawby and Sturton.

Verge parking restrictions were implemented in Scawby and Sturton in November 2016. The local ward members and the Parish Council requested restrictions to reduce the incidence of verge parking affecting the communities in question.

An experimental order had been used to allow the council to address any issues that occurred as a result of the restrictions. No amendments were made to the original order. It was now proposed to make that order permanent.

One resident objected as they felt the restrictions were unnecessary as no one parked on verges. Only one penalty charge notice had been issued since the introduction of the restriction.

Since this order Community Protection Notices (CPN) had been introduced. These allowed the council’s Highways Officers to issue a CPN to anyone who damaged highway verges across the area. This new legislation allowed the council to issue warnings and official notices to those whose behaviour or actions were having a detrimental effect on the neighbourhood.

CPNs would be issued for unreasonable and persistent acts of anti-social behaviour. Officers would determine if an offender should be given an £80 fixed penalty notice or be taken to court so that they could be made to repair the damage caused.

Resolved –
(a) That the Order, thereby making the current experimental restrictions permanent, be approved, and (b) that Community Protection Notices be used as a supplementary way of dealing with any future verge parking issues that may arise.

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