Leader of the Council – Minutes – 23 September 2019

2 APPLICATION FOR GRANT ASSISTANCE NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE TWINNING ASSOCIATION – The Director: Governance and Partnerships submitted a report considering an application for financial assistance towards the cost of an exchange visit by a delegation from Clamart, France and representatives of North Lincolnshire Town Twinning Association.

The council’s former Policy Committee agreed that the council’s approach in respect of twinning/linking should be to adopt an ‘arm’s length’ relationship (minute 946 refers). That committee also agreed that the former Tourism and Linking Sub Committee should consider applications for informal linking activities deemed beneficial across North Lincolnshire. The maximum grant available was set at £200 and it also approved criteria in respect of grant applications for linking activities which demonstrated and encouraged mutual, cultural and social awareness (minute 978 refers).

An application had been received from the North Lincolnshire Twinning Association requesting the maximum grant of £200 to support plans to support an exchange visit by a delegation from Clamart on 13-16 September 2019. The grant would also assist the Association’s work during this visit to extend already established rugby sporting links to football links involving adults and children of both local communities.

This remained a long standing twinning arrangement involving local communities, which the council had continued to support over the years through the independent Twinning Association. The application met the criteria set out in minute 978 referred to above.

Resolved – That a grant of £200 be made to the North Lincolnshire Town Twinning Association.