Resident Engagement & Governance Cabinet Member – Minutes – 30 March 2020

4 INFORMATION GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK UPDATE – The Director: Governance and Partnerships submitted a report seeking consideration and approval of a series of updates to the council’s Information Governance Framework.

Information was a key council asset and it was crucial that it was protected with the same care as other important assets, such as finance, people and property.

The Information Governance Framework comprised a series of specific policy and procedural schedules relating to the management and security of information and personal data. They set out how the council would comply with legal requirements governing information management. These requirements included the General Data Protection Regulation/Data Protection Act 2018 and allied legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act.

The latest primary legislation came into force in May 2018. However, case law and national interpretive guidance had continued to develop and evolve over the last two years. This guidance was reflected in the proposed policy updates summarised at appendix 1 to the report, together with the specific updated policy schedules.

Resolved – That the proposed changes to the Information Governance Framework, as set out in the appendix and accompanying policy schedules be approved.