Deputy Leader – Adults & Health Cabinet Member – Minutes – 7 October 2020

2 CHANGES TO HUMAN RESOURCES POLICIES: REDEPLOYMENT AND RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION – The Director: Business Development submitted a report seeking approval for revised Human Resources (HR) policies, as part of the ongoing policy review to support the council’s transformation to a more progressive and enabling culture.

A decision was made on 24 January 2020 (minute 8 refers) for a full review of the council’s suite of HR policies. A schedule had been drawn up to review the policies. This was to ensure that they supported the change in the council’s culture, systems and processes and helped to create the right environment for employees by encouraging accountability and self-responsibility.

The priority order for the review of the policies had been based upon various criteria including legislative changes and organisational drivers.

The following policies had been reviewed to coincide with the introduction of the council’s new recruitment portal (Networx):
• Redeployment
• Recruitment and Selection

The report gave details of the changes within each policy.

Resolved – That the changes outlined in the report to the Redeployment and Recruitment and Selection policies be approved.