Finance & Governance Cabinet Member – Minutes – 14 October 2020

2 PROCUREMENT OF A DYNAMIC PURCHASING SYSTEM FOR PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT – The Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director: Commercial submitted a report seeking approval to procure a Dynamic Purchasing System to provide all of the council’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including that used for workforce protection and infection control.

The council had a legacy of dispersed governance, procurement and operational management of the use of PPE. As part of the council’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a dedicated PPE capability was established to support all the council’s PPE needs. This had delivered many benefits, details of which were set out in the report.

The council had decided to embed these benefits in its business as usual arrangements. This included ensuring the council had a single capability that met all the council’s PPE needs. Work was being progressed to make this happen. As part of this, the council needed to ensure that the best procurement arrangements were in place going forward. In respect of infection control PPE, the council had good short-term resilience based on current demand. The council held a stock of infection control PPE that was expected to last through to April 2021. However, demand for infection control PPE could change quickly and the council needed to ensure that the best procurement arrangements were in place for all types of PPE. The current contract for the supply of PPE came to an end in November 2020.

In view of the above and the fact that a long term requirement for infection control PPE (facemasks, gloves, aprons etc) and general workforce protection PPE (hi-vis workwear, hard hats, dust masks etc) was expected, the council needed to have the best procurement arrangement in place to ensure the workforce had the most appropriate PPE they needed to do their jobs.

In addition, a stock control system would be procured to monitor the stock levels and notify when orders needed to be placed in order to maintain a minimum four week stock.

Resolved – That the procurement of a Dynamic Purchasing System for the council wide supply of Personal Protective Equipment be approved.