Adults, Health & Community Wellbeing and Children, Families, Learning & Leisure Cabinet Members – Minutes – 3 December 2018

1 (1) SERVICES TO ADULTS AND COMPLEX CARE MARKET POSITION STATEMENTS – The Director: Governance and Partnerships submitted a report seeking approval to publish the Services to Adults Market Position Statement 2018-20 and the Complex Care Market Position Statement 2018-20.

The Care Act (2014) required the council to promote diversity and quality of Adult Social Care and Support services and the efficient and effective operation of the market for services required to meet residents’ care and support needs.  In meeting the duty the council must have regard to the current and likely future demand for services and to consider how providers might meet demand and promote sustainability in the market.

Statutory guidance published by the Department for Health and Social Care and the Care Act (2014) suggested that a council could best fulfil its duties for market shaping and commissioning by developing a Market Position Statement.

The Adults Market Position Statement and the Complex Care Market Position Statement focused on meeting the needs of people within North Lincolnshire and signalled the need to drive forward greater health and social care integration.  The documents highlighted potential opportunities for service providers enabling them to tailor their services to meet need and to support people locally.

The Market Position Statements provided:
• an overview of market opportunities
• a summary of population, demographics and need
• an outline of the Single Organisational Model and approach to commissioning
• a summary of people’s views, and
• workforce developments.

Resolved – That the publication of the Adults Market Position Statement 2018-20 and the Complex Care Market Position Statement 2018-20 be approved.