Adults, Health & Community Wellbeing Cabinet Member – Minutes – 9 November 2018

6 (6) APPROVAL OF COMMUNITY GRANT FUND APPLICATIONS – The Director: Adults and Community Wellbeing submitted a report seeking consideration on whether to extend the initial North Lincolnshire in Bloom scheme to offer grant aid to community groups, town and parish councils to support winter planting.

The council invited community groups and town and parish councils to participate in the ‘North Lincolnshire in Bloom 2017’ initiative.  The scheme was to engage communities in the creation of summer displays that would visually enhance the local area for both residents and visitors.  In doing so, the scheme promoted volunteering and provided opportunities for communities to participate in competitions such as the ‘CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) Best Kept Village’.

The Community Grant fund offered grant aid towards the initial cost of providing attractive plants, flowers and shrubs.  Financial upkeep and on-going maintenance was to be through town and parish councils working with local businesses and volunteers from within the local community.

It was proposed that maximum amount of £30,000 of Community Grants funding to the scheme with funding from revenue or capital as determined by the support requested.

Resolved – That following consideration of the information with regard to the eligibility for funding and sustainability of the North Lincolnshire in Bloom scheme, the scheme, as set out in paragraph 3 of the report, be approved.