Safer, Stronger Communities – Rural Cabinet Member – Minutes – 31 December 2020

4 COMMUNITY GRANT FUND – SPRING IN BLOOM 2020/21 – The Director: Governance and Partnerships submitted a report seeking approval of an extension to the ‘North Lincolnshire in Bloom’ Scheme, and to offer grant aid to community groups and parish councils to support their spring planting.

The council first invited community groups and town and parish councils to participate in the ‘North Lincolnshire in Bloom’ initiative in 2017/18. The scheme was developed to engage communities in the creation of planting displays that would visually enhance the local area for both residents and visitors.  In doing so the scheme provided opportunities for communities to participate in competitions such as the ‘CPRE Best Kept Village’.

Further development of the scheme, funded from the Community Grant Fund, had provided additional investment supporting the council’s priority of Enabling Resilient and Flourishing Communities by encouraging volunteering and giving local people a sense of pride in their area through creating an almost year-round floral display for residents and welcoming visitors.

The Community Grant Fund offered grant aid towards the initial cost of providing attractive planters, flowers and shrubs. Financial upkeep and on-going maintenance were to be met through town and parish councils working with local businesses and volunteers from within the local community.

Resolved – (a) That the extension of the ‘North Lincolnshire in Bloom’ Scheme be approved, and (b) that grant aid to a maximum of £17,000 revenue and £8,000 capital be offered to community groups, town and parish councils to support their spring planting.